Fresh Tomato Pan Frittata


Here they are: the first tomatoes from my garden. Small, but plump and red and juicy. What on earth was I going to cook with these, the first tomatoes I had ever grown myself? This frittata was born out of several things. First, I had lovely, fresh tomatoes, and I wanted to showcase them in something simple and something they wouldn’t disappear in. Second, we needed breakfast and I had eggs and cheese. Third, I didn’t want to wait for a breakfast casserole/quiche to bake forever in the oven, but I was bored of the standard omelet. And so the pan frittata was inspired. Not really a true frittata, which is usually cooked mostly on the stovetop and finished under a broiler, because the pans I have access to are not oven-safe, so all the cooking had to happen on the stovetop. In the end it did turn out to be a tasty breakfast that was filling and perfectly showcased the ripe, fresh tomatoes. Read more…

Pretzel Sandwich Rolls


How do you eat a sandwich on a pretzel? Pretzel rolls, of course!

I’m constantly searching for new and interesting breads that I can use to make sandwiches for lunch during the week. Most of the time I just pour through King Arthur Flour’s website for recipe ideas, but I got this one while photograzing over on Serious Eats. I love pretzel bread, so I had to give it a try, and boy did they turn out well. I decided to use Alton Brown’s recipe for soft pretzels, but formed into small loaves instead of pretzel shapes. Fortunately, making pretzel bread is really that simple, and with fun differences from your standard bread recipes. Read more…

Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins


Goodness, where does the time go? Teaching this summer is really quite exhausting, and I find myself falling back on old standbys for our meals, like build-your-own burritos or the simple pasta sauce recipe I’ve posted about before. I guess this is my way of saying I haven’t been cooking much that’s too interesting lately. Last weekend I didn’t really cook anything at all, including bread, and the weekends are usually my cooking time. What’s worse is that I actually have a back log of pictures, waiting for posts, but I get home at night and am too wiped to do anything but surf the internet. But tonight I’ve found the energy, and hopefully I’ll get those posts out over this weekend, when (mercifully) I don’t have anything really planned.

Those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning may remember my quest for rhubarb earlier this summer. Not having any nearby farmer’s markets, eventually found it at a farmstand after much traveling. A few weeks later, our local produce-heavy grocery store had it in bundles for sale, mocking my effort before. At least I knew the stuff from the farmstand was really fresh. Anyway, given that I love rhubarb, I had to buy some more now that it was convenient, and that meant finding a recipe. I didn’t want to go the standard strawberry-rhubarb route, nor really did I want to make a crumble or a cobbler. I like making sweets that are contained in individual servings, so we can easily transport them and eat them for dessert throughout the week. I thought about ice cream, but then I decided to go muffin. I hadn’t really thought about rhubarb and cinnamon/spices before as going together, but when I found this recipe, I had to try it out. Read more…

Thai Fried Rice


I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve started cooking more and more, I’m starting to collect cookbooks. Usually nothing fancy, but the bargain section of the bookstore almost never fails to tempt me with a $3 cookbook that looks like it would offer the kind of recipes that I don’t get online. I find myself collecting ethnic cookbooks, mostly; I think that mainly it’s to get the kinds of recipes that you don’t find as often on blogs, or at least the blogs I read. I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently picked up another in the Culinaria series, which I like. But the other day I found a book that was clearly published by the same people that published my The Taste of Africa cookbook. I haven’t posted any recipes from that book yet, but everything I’ve tried out of it has been fantastic. Not just good, but pretty amazing. It has a very particular layout, with a particular typesetting and a large main picture of the dish and a few smaller pictures interspersed throughout the recipe; when I opened up a book called Thai and South-East Asian Cooking and Far Eastern Classics (how’s that for a catch-all title) and found the same layout, I had to pick it up (it helped that it was basically free with my rewards credits).

Last weekend I cracked it open and flipped through a few recipes. The thing is quite huge, so I decided I wanted to make some fried rice, and then had to narrow it down to one of a dozen recipes. The one I settled on, Thai Fried Rice, did not disappoint. I’d be lying if I said I followed the recipe exactly – there were just some ingredients I didn’t have – but I think it was the basic of this recipe that led to its success, and It certainly came out delicious. Read more…

A Simple, Rustic Loaf


Another week, another sandwich bread. This one, once again from King Arthur Flour, comes on a suggestion from my mother, who said this was a good loaf to try. I ended up having to substitute or leave out various things, due mostly to the fact that I was nearly out of all-purpose flour, and I didn’t have any grain mix or cereal to add. The loaf came out well anyway, and while the shape was not perfect for sandwiches, it worked well enough. Read more…

Sautéed Home-Grown Green Beans


Last week I started teaching for the summer; it’s a really intense class, and it’s pretty much sucked my will to cook (or do anything) every evening after I get home. Hence the lack of posts… sorry about that! I have plans to make a number of things today, and a few things to post from last week, so hopefully that will make up for it. This post is pretty simple, but I wanted to show off my first produce of the summer from my container garden! Read more…

Grilled Asiago Rounds


The same weekend I grilled the pizza I came across this recipe for Grilled Asiago Rounds on King Arthur’s baking blog. While they were suggested for eating with a dip of some kind, I immediately thought that they could be split horizontally for sandwiches and figured I might as well go all out on the dough grilling and try these the same day as the pizza. This required some creative planning to make sure everything went on the grill in order (I wanted to cook the pizza last so that it would stay hot for dinner), but everything worked out perfectly and these rounds cooked up perfectly, and made for fantastic sandwiches. Read more…

Grilled Barbecue Chicken Pizza


Grilled pizza is one of those things that seems intimidating or even impossible, but it’s something I’ve wanted to try, especially with my newfound love of grilling. After seeing the posts on grilled pizza over on The Food in My Beard, it rose to the top of my list, and It turns out to be truly a simple and easy process, and very fun… I’ll definitely be making it again! Read more…