Brownie Cookie Bites


After I made the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream a few weeks ago I decided it would be great if I could have some kind of cookie to go along with it. Chocolate was the obvious choice since it would pair well with the vanilla base of the ice cream. I looked around a bit and found this recipe for Chocolate Brownie Cookies over at Joy the Baker that seemed perfect. Read more…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream


I had never made homemade ice cream before, but seeing a bunch of delicious looking ice cream recipes around, and knowing that I would be around all summer without air conditioning, inspired me to pick up an ice cream maker. I decided to get this popular machine from Cuisinart, and was lucky enough to find a never opened, new-in-box one on Craigslist for half the retail price. As far as deciding what my inaugural ice cream would be, it was almost an obvious choice when I considered the small amount of cookie dough in my freezer left over from the cookie cake pie. By making a good vanilla custard base (this Essential Vanilla Ice Cream from Serious Eats) and mixing in pieces of the cookie dough, I would have a perfect chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Read more…

Red Velvet Cookie Cake Pie


I won’t say much about this, because the cookie cake pie pretty much speaks for itself. Upon learning of this sugar bomb, dreamed up by Cakespy, I was instructed it would have to be the next thing I baked.

I decided go with a pre-made frozen pie crust, the standard NestlĂ© chocolate cookie dough, and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting topping all of it. Can I eat a large slice of it? No way. Is it delicious? Definitely. Read more…